01 July 2015

2015 Road Trip | Day 6: Washington

My parents and I are hitting the road this summer for a three-week road trip out west. Our main purpose is to deliver furniture and other belongings to my oldest brother, Kevin, who recently moved to Washington for a job. We'll be doing some extra sight-seeing along the way, as well as making stops at other family members' houses. This is the day-by-day record of our 21-day road trip.

We wanted to be on the road by 10 a.m. today, but that obviously didn't happen. We started off our trip to Seattle late, but we still have tomorrow morning to explore the city.

Our first stop was the Boeing manufacturing facility a few miles north of Seattle. We took a tour around the grounds, during which cell phones and cameras were strictly prohibited. So, I unfortunately don't have any pictures of inside the facility where the planes were actually being put together. That building, by the way, is apparently the largest in the world by volume. The first part of the tour included a walk down part of their third-of-a-mile-long tunnel, and that walk was the length of the entire deck of the Titanic (so we were told). 

Anyway, the Boeing tour was fascinating, but we eventually had to leave to finally check out Seattle. When we arrived, a local recommended several restaurants in the Pike Market area, and we ended up at Steelhead Diner, which ended up being way different than what I had expected. It was basically a diner on steroids. It was fancier, more grown-up, and more expensive. My parents shared a trout, which was served looking as if it were just brought in from the water moments ago. Fish served in whole (eyes and all) doesn't look very appetizing, but it was apparently good. 

After dinner, we stopped at the original Starbucks. Since it was pretty late in the day, there weren't extremely long lines. The entire fish market, which is right across the street, was closed for the day, so I think most tourists had left by then. 

Tomorrow we plan on actually leaving earlier to see more of Seattle and then head to Portland. Let's hope we can actually leave on time for once.

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