10 July 2015

2015 Road Trip | Day 15: California

My parents and I are hitting the road this summer for a three-week road trip out west. Our main purpose is to deliver furniture and other belongings to my oldest brother, Kevin, who recently moved to Washington for a job. We'll be doing some extra sight-seeing along the way, as well as making stops at other family members' houses. This is the day-by-day record of our 21-day road trip.

After a tough day yesterday, we spent most of our time today at Avila Beach, where the weather was perfect (warm but slightly windy, so you never got too hot nor too cold) and the waves were overwhelmingly tall. 

When we finished our much-needed relaxation time, we met up with some family friends for dinner at The Great American Fish Company in Morro Bay, which is recognized by the towering rock bulging out of the water. Our dinner there topped them all as far as bad service goes, though some of our party who eat there more often said this was a rarity. It took 30 minutes for any alcoholic beverages to arrive, including bottled beers that could be grabbed out of a refrigerator in a total of maybe five seconds, and it was more than a full hour before the soups and salads arrived. Soups, as I overheard, that tasted like they were from a can and mediocre salads that didn't look intricate enough to take an hour to put together. By the time we got our food, our stomachs were growling and our legs were cramping from being seated so long. However, I think the general consensus was that the food tasted delicious (but I still don't think that's any compensation). 

Overall, it was an easy-going day with not much on which to report. Just beware that Melissa the Great Restaurant Critic is on the loose and could be headed to your place of business next. 

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  1. That's too bad about your service at GAFCO. Grandma and Grandpa keep that place afloat with their frequent dinners there. Do you Yelp? Maybe the restaurant needs to know about your experience so they can improve! Looks like the whales were gone from Avila by the time you were there... bummer. They were really fun to watch.