10 July 2015

2015 Road Trip | Day 14: California

My parents and I are hitting the road this summer for a three-week road trip out west. Our main purpose is to deliver furniture and other belongings to my oldest brother, Kevin, who recently moved to Washington for a job. We'll be doing some extra sight-seeing along the way, as well as making stops at other family members' houses. This is the day-by-day record of our 21-day road trip.

Top of the muffin to you? More like top of the mountain to you. 

Okay, I apologize for the cheesiness, but I had to do it. My dad and I started off day fourteen with a hike up Bishop's Peak, which stands 1,546 feet tall. We were pretty exhausted by about halfway up the side of the mountain, where we ran into some other people who came up a trail on the other side of the mountain. They informed us that we went "the hard way" and that we were about halfway there (in regards to time, not elevation). The rest of the climb wasn't as hard, as it zigzagged up the mountain instead of just having a steep, straight path like there was at the beginning. It was a fairly rugged hike, with lots of rocks to climb over and some natural steps from the stones. We eventually made it to the top, and it offered a nice view of all of San Luis Obispo and even views out to the ocean. The climb down went much faster, and we headed home to shower and change for lunch.

Lunch was at the Madonna Inn cafĂ©, and my parents officially celebrated their anniversary there. The Madonna Inn is a famous landmark at the base of Madonna Mountain, founded by Alex Madonna and his wife Phyllis in 1958. It's known for its extravagant interior accented with pink, its waterfall urinal in the men's restroom, and its unique themed rooms. While we were there, Mrs. Madonna herself was enjoying lunch with two of her granddaughters, and my grandfather went to say hello (I later learned that he knew the Madonnas when he worked in advertising). At the end of our meal, our waitress informed us that our bill had been taken care of Mrs. Madonna, so that's a small claim to fame I can add to my list. 

My parents and I then headed back downtown to do some real shopping, picking up some souvenirs and exploring the area. Afterward, my mom and I went to my aunt Keely's house, where she was hosting a Bunco night. Her theme was "9th of July," and she went all out with patriotic decorations and classic 4th of July foods. Neither my mom nor I won, but it was still a lot of fun. 

It was a busy and tiring day, but tomorrow will be a nice, relaxing day on the beach.

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  1. Did you track you mileage on the hike? I probably go the easier way as those other people you met on the mountain and it's about 3.5 miles up and down.