08 July 2015

2015 Road Trip | Day 13: California

My parents and I are hitting the road this summer for a three-week road trip out west. Our main purpose is to deliver furniture and other belongings to my oldest brother, Kevin, who recently moved to Washington for a job. We'll be doing some extra sight-seeing along the way, as well as making stops at other family members' houses. This is the day-by-day record of our 21-day road trip.

We left Nonnie and Nonno's house today and took the 280 to the 85 to the 101 (that was for all you "Saturday Night Live" fans) to San Luis Obispo, the happiest city in America. It's also where my dad's parents live. 

We arrived in beautiful San Luis, and I felt the other end of my new life as a video recorder today, as my grandfather was videotaping our ascent of their driveway. Of course, I had to then videotape him videotaping us, which provided some great footage for today's video, in my opinion. 

When all our videotaping shenanigans finally stopped, we unpacked the car and settled in for dinner, which included wonderful bacon-wrapped filet mignon, green beans, baked potatoes, and a salad. Before dessert, my parents and I walked around downtown San Luis Obispo, which has tons of frozen yogurt shops, boutiques, and other unique stores. Since it was getting late, we didn't really stop to buy anything. Afterward, we headed back to the house for ice cream and some biscotti that we took with us from the other day. 

Tomorrow, my dad and I are climbing to the top of Bishop's Peak, the tallest of the Nine Sisters, which is a group of mountains in the area. I'd also like to climb Madonna Mountain (site of the famous Madonna Inn) while we're here. So, these next few days should be full of activities to include in the blogs and videos. 

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