29 June 2015

2015 Road Trip | Day 4: Montana, Idaho, Washington

My parents and I are hitting the road this summer for a three-week road trip out west. Our main purpose is to deliver furniture and other belongings to my oldest brother, Kevin, who recently moved to Washington for a job. We'll be doing some extra sight-seeing along the way, as well as making stops at other family members' houses. This is the day-by-day record of our 21-day road trip.

We started the day saying goodbye to the beautiful town of Missoula, which we all loved and would like to come back to some day. I would recommend visiting Missoula to anyone, but only if you get an inner tube and float down the river for the full experience (we, unfortunately, did not do that. But, if we could do it again, we would). 

The rest of the drive through Montana and into Idaho was by far the best as far as scenery goes. We stopped in Coeur d'Alene for lunch, eating at Fisherman's Market and Grill, a place recommended by an Idaho native I know from school. 

We then continued through Idaho and into Washington, where the mountains seemed to cease immediately. I was reminded a bit of our first leg of the road trip through the flatter states, because Washington slowly turned into a dry, grassy land with no buildings except for farm houses and barns. I was starting to feel slightly worried for my brother living in this plain area, but as we entered Moses Lake, I was pleasantly surprised at how big the city is. 

We met Kevin at his apartment and unloaded the U-Haul trailer, famous for its appearance in Day 1. Up three flights of stairs we went in the 90-degree+ heat until his apartment finally filled with real furniture.

After a long rest and cleaning up, the four of us went to Michael's on the Lake for dinner, which turned out to be an extremely nice place. It definitely deserved its number one ranking on Yelp. 

Post-dinner activities included a drive around Moses Lake, looking at all the expensive homes overlooking the lake. It was a lovely end to another great day, and I look forward to exploring more of Moses Lake tomorrow.

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