07 January 2015

20 things I did in 2014 (and more)

1. Spent 24 hours at Meijer
2. Read about 50 greeting cards at Meijer
3. Started reading "The Fault in Our Stars" at Meijer (but only made it about two pages in. Sorry, John Green.)
4. Read a book about the history of Meijer
5. Rode the penny pony at Meijer
6. Brushed my teeth in a Meijer bathroom
7. Wrote a column about my time at Meijer in my school's newspaper
8. Published the full-length piece on my blog, which became a personal record as far as number of views any of my posts have received
9. Vlogged my day at Meijer
10. Ate lunch, dinner, and then breakfast in a Meijer
11. Became very familiar with a Meijer dressing room
12. Mouthed the words to "Drift Away" in a Meijer dressing room
13. Worked out in a Meijer dressing room
14. Almost partied with a drunk guy in the electronics department of Meijer
15. Got a tattoo at Meijer*
16. Did not sleep in a Meijer
17. Realized I hate the signs denoting Meijer's clothing sections and decided I need to write their corporate office a letter
18. Witnessed the overnight preparation process at Meijer for the next day's festivities
19. Talked about my time at Meijer quite often
20. Became Facebook famous for, like, 2 days (because of my Meijer blog)

Okay, now here are 14 actual things I did in 2014 (even though those first 20 all really did happen too):

1. Traveled to France
2. Traveled to Italy
3. Graduated high school 
4. Went skydiving 
5. Started college 
6. Worked as a Senior Copy Editor for the Ball State Daily News
7. Got my braces off
8. Made many new friends
9. Went to Cedar Point
10. Went to San Francisco
11. Became even more of an English nerd, if that's even possible
12. Got promoted to Copy Director for the Daily News
13. Survived the Snowpocalypse
14. Officially became an adult

Looking into this new year of 2015, I only have a few things in mind that I'd like to do. Those include writing a letter to Meijer about their poorly written signs and spending the night at all other 24-hour stores.**

*It was a tongue tattoo. From a Fruit Roll Up. Jeez, chill.
**That last part was a joke. I don't actually desire to spend the night at any more stores. Although, if I had to choose one, it would be Costco. But they aren't open 24 hours, so I'd have to hide in a fort of boxes way up in the shelves like in that movie Employee of the Month. That'd be pretty cool.

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