11 November 2014

The problem with our community bathroom

Some might call me an expert on knowing what makes a good public restroom. After all, my cousin and I were cofounders of the BRC, an elite club that rated public bathrooms on many aspects - aspects you wouldn't even think to consider. With such professional background in the area, I feel I should point out a major flaw in my dorm's community bathroom.

The bathroom is shared between 60 girls on the floor, which isn't too bad, seeing as there are several shower stalls, even more toilet stalls, and what feels like even more sinks. Everything seems very proportional to the amount of people using the restroom. Everything, that is, except the drying stations. Which is actually just one drying station. There are 12 sinks, but just one hand dryer. 

I didn't think too much about this until recently, actually. As I was drying my hands one day, I thought, so you're telling me that the people who designed this restroom planned ahead for over 10 girls to be washing their hands at the same time, but only for one girl to be drying her hands at a time?

I just could not fathom the logic behind this. I kept picturing the planning people talking about how the room needs 12 sinks to accommodate for the abundance of users, but one measly dryer should suffice. Maybe there was one person there with some common sense, defending me with great persistence.

"Just one dryer?" He'd say. "But what about when these 12 girls all washing their hands at once finish and need to dry their hands?"
And then the original idiot would step in and shut him up with some logical fallacy, forever ruining the flow of our bathroom.

So maybe my defender didn't have a ton of persistence, but at least he had a brain.

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