19 January 2014

"Refuse to Sink" fad is sinking any hope I had for society

Before I get to the actual rant (it's a small one, I promise), I would like for you to just look at some things I have been seeing all over the Internet lately:

Did that not drive you crazy? It sure drives me crazy! I'm not sure these people realize that anchors SINK! Nor do they realize that anchors prevent you from moving, not from sinking. 

After seeing this phrase attached to anchors practically everywhere, I began to second guess myself. Do I know what an anchor is? Maybe they do prevent your boat from sinking. No, that doesn't make any sense, though. But how can these people all think that?! Before I went totally insane, I looked up the definition of an anchor. 

Phew! I knew that's what anchors were for! So, now that that's cleared up, please spread the word in order to STOP THIS TREND OF UTTER IDIOCY!

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