18 September 2013

Weekly Grammar Lesson

Per request, I present to you this week's lesson:

Lesson 5: "To" vs. "Too"

I am leaving "two" out of the mix because I assume (and really hope) that there is no confusion with that one. (If you don't know, "two" is the word form of "2.")

"To" is a preposition that is usually used to express direction toward something.
She is going to the store.
To whom does this belong?
You need to go to the store.
As you can see, "to" also shows possession, and it is also a part of infinitives (simply put, to + a verb).

"Too" is an adverb, typically used to say "also" or to show excess.
She is too mean.
I like apples, too!
There are too many dolphins in the desert.
A great mnemonic to remember when to use "too" instead of "to" is to think of its meaning. "Too" shows excess, and there are excess "o"s in "too." "Too" has too many "o"s.

Fill in the blank with either "to" or "too."
1. That is ____ funny.
2. Get ____ the point!
3. I read The Chaotic Nonsense ____ learn better grammar!
4. I read it for entertainment, ____!
5. I am going back ____ school.

Quiz! Answers: 1. Too 2. To 3. To 4. Too 5. To

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