05 August 2013

Why you should never buy a T-shirt from Wanelo

A quick scroll through the popular shopping app Wanelo will make you instantly ashamed of our society. The following are actual T-shirts (as in, someone actually designed these, and people out there have actually purchased these) found within the app. Please kill anyone you know who owns one of these shirts. Enjoy.

"If you're dumb enough to make these mistakes, don't ever make a shirt." 
- Melissa Jones

That awkward moment when someone tries making play-on words with a cappella and puts two c's in "a ca..."...and makes it one word.

That awkward moment when someone tries making play-on words with a cappella and puts two c's in "a ca..."...and makes it one word.

If you are going to quote a movie, you might as well know how to properly spell the title (and the main character) of the movie. Also, commas are always a good idea.

I would be slamming the screen door on your face right now if you were here. No, I don't even care if you're on the phone.

Have you ever heard of that thing called an adverb? It typically ends in -ly. Yeah, this would be an insanely good time to use one.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're also too tired to spell.

YOU WERE SO CLOSE! I give you props for knowing about that apostrophe, but if you know that much, you should also know there's only one "l" in 'til. Until you can spell that simple word, you should refrain from drinking.

I'll be your best friend when I finish editing your run-on sentence with missing punctuation and an embarrassing typo.

You're dumb. I can't stand you.

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