24 May 2013

Adventures of an awkward person (and her friend); Volume 2, Part 1

Part One: Journey to the theater

Last night, one of my friends and I went to see "The Great Gatsby," finally! I won't spoil the movie, but I will spoil this blog post by saying that was the start of a wild adventure.

So, I picked up my friend and went to the movie theater. Right as I pulled into a parking spot, I remembered that I wanted to get candy at Dollar General (story within this story: I love Cookie Dough Bites, but they no longer have them at the movie theater! One day, I was really craving some Cookie Dough Bites, so I Googled all of the places they were sold. I drove around town checking every Walgreens, Dollar Tree, and CVS. The final stop on my list was Dollar General, conveniently located on the way to the theater, but also just a tad sketchy. But that could've been because it was at night. Everything is sketchier at night. Anyway, lo and behold, THEY HAVE COOKIE DOUGH BITES!). The movie started at 4:40 and it was already 4:25. I knew the store was nearby, so we decided to try to make a quick stop. We drove over there, practically ran inside, and ransacked the candy isle. After buying enough candy to feed three Sumo wrestlers, we proceeded to the check-out stand. Naturally, they had one register open with three people in front of us, which is the typical case when you're in any sort of hurry. We anxiously awaited our turn, checking the time with extreme paranoia, just counting down the minutes. Long story short, we made it back to the theater with about two minutes to spare.

But, not so fast...with all of the candy we had purchased, we didn't have anywhere to stash it so we could smuggle it in! We had to rid our purses of anything unnecessary for the movies in order to make room for the totally necessary candy (actual quote from my friend during this activity: "Oh, hair straightener: I guess I don't need that in the theater." Because apparently she carries a flat iron in her purse...). After leaving a heaping pile of scattered junk in my car, we finally darted to the theater.

We made it into the theater with our smuggled Sumo-wrestler-candy just fine, and we even had some time to spare. The adventures continued after the movie finished; stay tuned for the rest of the story!

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