17 January 2013

Weekly Grammar Lesson

By request, I present you:

Lesson 2: "Lose" vs. "Loose"

"Lose" is the present tense form of "lost." If you lose your keys, your keys will be lost. A simple reminder of the fact that it only has one "o": in "lose," you lose an "o."

"Loose" is the opposite of tight. It rhymes with "goose" and "moose," both of which also have two "o"s. Loose girls, as they're often called, are girls who are, shall we say, fairly careless. They tend to throw themselves out there a lot. Using that thought process, to spell "loose," you should be a loose speller - just throw your "o"s out there willy-nilly!

Fill in the blank with either "lose" or "loose."
1. Did you guys ____ the game?
2. These pants are too ____.
3. She's very ____-minded.
4. "You better ____ yourself in the music!"
5. I will ____ my ghetto-ness if I refuse to say "boo."

Quiz! answers: 1. Lose 2. Loose 3. Loose 4. Lose 5. Lose

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