01 January 2013

Weekly Grammar Lesson

This is a new segment I've decided to start after observing people's lack of English skills on the Internet. Let's begin...

Lesson 1: "Your" vs. "You're"

"Your" is a possessive word, like "my" or "his." It is NOT a verb, so don't use it as one.
Example: That is your ball.
You could replace "your" with "my" or his" like I said above because they are all possessive. The ball belongs to you. It is your ball.

"You're" is a contraction meaning "you are." In most cases, apostrophes are used to replace letters. In this case, the apostrophe is replacing the "a" in "are." This IS a verb and should be used as one. It's just like "I am" or "he's" (I'm using the contraction form of "he is" to make it more relatable).
Example: You're going to the store.
You are going to the store. You could also say "I am" or "he's" in place of "you're."

Fill in the blank with either "your" or "you're"
1. I like ____ hat.
2. Is this ____ dog?
3. Oh, ____ busy? My apologies.
4. ____ going to love this movie!
5. ____ pineapple is ready, ma'am.

Quiz! answers: 1. Your 2. Your 3. You're 4. You're 5. Your

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