01 January 2013

The quest for Takis

Thanksgiving: my brothers, cousins, and I watch a video on YouTube called "Hot Cheetos and Takis." Hot Cheetos and Takis becomes a joke among us, but none of us even know what Takis are.

Christmas Eve: we are all reunited and have all failed at finding Takis. At almost 8 o'clock on Christmas Eve, we decide to all go to Walmart for one last search for Takis.

We walk into the store at 7:53. The door greeter tells us the store closes in 7 minutes. We take off in a mad dash through the store, making our way toward the back to find the chip aisle. Once there, we split up and search for Takis. With the clock ticking, our hope slowly fades away as none of us find Takis. In a final attempt to track them down, we ask a guy (we actually weren't even sure if he worked there) if they had any Takis. He tells us without any hesitation that they would probably be on a "feature shelf in the Mexican food area." We thank him and dart to the Mexican food area.

There, featured in the Mexican food aisle, stands a plethora of Takis. There are many different flavors from which to choose, but we settle on a bag of Hot Sauce and a bag of Salsa.

We furiously speed-walk to the front of the store, dodging last-minute shoppers along the way. Luckily, we manage to check out with a minute to spare. (Side story: when we were checking out, a couple at the register next to us had bought tissue paper and gift bags, along with gifts for their kid[s]. They wrapped the presents literally in the cart after they checked out. Talk about last minute...I made a mental note not to be that parent.)

We are all hyped up after such a successful trip and decide to try the Takis in the car on our way home.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Let me get two things straight:
1. Takis taste terrible.
2. Takis smell terrible.

Not long after we open the bags of Takis does the car reek of hot sauce- and salsa-flavored tacos. Crappy, imitation tacos at that. With nothing to even cleanse our palettes, we are all disgustedly gagging the whole way home.

Although it ended horribly, it was a journey I'm sure we'll never forget.

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