16 December 2012

Elite times and flash mobs

The Internet used to be a wonderful thing. Although my lifetime has consisted of just about everyone having Internet connection, I've often heard about a time when computers were a rare thing in homes.  Like only the elite had access to the Internet. I actually wish that were still the case, seeing as the Internet today is trashed with unintelligent posts from people who must have been taught grammar from cavemen. Social networking sites are prime examples. Actually, they're a lot like the Internet itself in that they started off being amazing ways to connect with people and have now taken a turn for the worse. Much worse. It only takes one check-up on Facebook or Twitter to realize our society's intelligence is deteriorating at an (unfortunately) impressively fast rate.

Let's begin with grammar. Although I have often been referred to as a "grammar nazi," I sincerely believe grammar should be a simple, universal knowledge. Seriously, it's not that hard. We literally learned basic grammar rules in second grade. Kids in second grade right now know the difference between "your" and "you're" better than the majority of high schoolers on the Internet. Same goes for "there," "their," and "they're." And even "to" and "too." Don't even get me started on "a lot." Do people say "alittle" and "alizard," too?

Not only are social networking sites filled with dumb posts grammatically speaking, but also just idiotic things in general. For instance, I still haven't figured out why people begin a post with "Low key..." If you are saying something to the Internet-world, it is definitely not going to be "low key." People must not realize that these are public posts or something. I mean, I've even seen kids post about drugs. The illegal kind. Not to mention one girl who confessed her pregnancy and later posted about doing drugs with her friends. She was utterly surprised and sad when she had a miscarriage. Surprised.

My point is, let's all work together to rid this Earth of all idiots. I'm thinking a mass genocide. It'll be like a flash mob but with a happier ending. Or, you know, we could just spread the teachings of correct spelling and grammar. And also only condone good behavior. Let's make this world a better place...by making the Internet available to the elite only again.

And by elite I mean intellectual.

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